Born in Macatuba, state of São Paulo, Brazil, she took her basic courses in public schools in the cities of Botucatu and Campinas. Later, she took a course in Library Studies, at the Catholic University of Campinas, Pedagogy and Social Sciences, at the University of São Paulo, Law, University of Guarulhos, and Special Habilitation in Administration and School Supervision (Faculdade 9 de Julho). She also attended courses in Design and Painting at Escola Cândido Portinari and Liceu de Artes e Ofícios, in São Paulo. Professional activities: Lawyer (OAB 32.588), Member of Examination Boards for candidates entering the Public Teaching System in the State of São Paulo, (1958 and 1959), Director of Curriculum at the Coordenadoria de Estudos e Normas Pedagógicas, Secretaria da Educação–São Paulo (1976 and 1977) Professor of Education, of the State Public System, retired in 1981. She participated in several art exhibitions and received national and international awards.

As a writer, her first attempts happened when still a student in Botucatu, writing biographies of famous women for the local newspaper. Later, other interests stopped this activity which she resumed when, being a law student, she participated in a contest with her work on “Old People and Penal Law,” which received an award and was published in the judiciary magazine Coisas e Causas. In contests promoted by the newspaper Folha do Servidor Público she received a prize (2nd place) for her short story “Na seção, uma piada” (In the section, a joke)(1997)and an honorary mention for the chronicle “Velhice” (Old age)(2000).
In 1998 she published, a book for children, “Pois é … Cada um na sua” (“That’s it.Everyone in his own”), SP, Editora Rideel, and in 2002, its revised edition. In 2005, she published, “Elas, as pioneiras do Brazil, a memorável saga dessas mulheres” (The pioneer women from Brazil - the memorable legend of these women), Editora Scortecci, compiling the biographies of sixty women.

She is married, has a son and a granddaughter.

Translated by Lucia do Nascimento Sousa Biojone