Janete Santos (Janete Silva dos Santos) hails from Macapá, Amapá state, Brazil. She is a major in Modern Languages by UFPA, has an MA in Applied Linguistics by UNICAMP, is a Portuguese language teacher at Tocantins National University (Universidade Federal do Tocantins – UFT), having concluded doctoral studies in Applied Linguistics, also UNICAMP. She is a member of ACALANTO (Araguaína and Northern Tocantins Academy of Letters – Academia de Letras de Araguaína e Norte Tocantinense), APES (Amapa Writers Association – Associação Amapaense de escritores) and REBRA (Brazilian Women Writers Network – Rede Brasileira de Escritoras). She has contributed to some national anthologies (from SCORTECCI, REBRA, CBJE, Del’Secchi, among others). She published in 2000 the book “Boa Esperança – crônicas e contos” (Good Hope – chronicles and short stories) by CBJE; in 2002, “Tecendo Imagens – poemas” (Weaving Images – poems); in 2003 “Rota Macapá/Belém – crônicas e contos” (Macapa-Belem Route – chronicles and short stories); in 2004, “Retratos Paralelos – coletânea de poesias” (Paralleled Portraits – poem anthology), with Beliza Cristina and Gislaine Chaves. All three last books were published by SCORTECCI. In December 2007 she published, along with Luiza Helena and Eliane Testa the book “Inquietações – poemas” (Uneasiness – poems), by Kelps Publishing House; in 2011 Mosaicos (poesia), LivroPronto (145p) and 
(Des)Aprisionamentos, Scortecci (100p).

Story of the book: Macapa-Belem Route – chronicles and short stories. Scortecci, 2003.

Translated by Cecília Eller Rodrigues Nascimento