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The Canadian Navy's 1978 IWC Big Pilot Replica MilSub reference 9401/0. A Canadian Navy issued 1978 IWC Big Pilot Replica MilSub ref.

The caseback and engravings of a 1978 IWC Big Pilot Replica MilSub issued by the Canadian Navy. 9401/0, with dial markers that are mismatched and snowflake hands

We know these watches were delivered as a relatively small batch of serial numbers and I suspect that they were delivered this way. The Canadian Navy may have added the "snowflake' hands to the dial at the request from divers in order to improve legibility, as Mercedes hands would make sense with this dial.Franck Muller Replica Watches The layout of these 9401/0 timepieces in this configuration was the same as that of the IWC Big Pilot Replica Heritage Black Bay watch.


1978 IWC Big Pilot Replica MilSub ref. 9401/0

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The watches were distributed as store items. In the diving shops, the diving officer issued all equipment (regulators watches, masks fins etc.). Divers were issued "Temporary loan cards" for their equipment. This equipment was kept in a log by the diving officer, but unfortunately, this log did not include details like the model or serial numbers of the watches. It was more of a checklist, to make sure that, if six watches had been given out, six of them were returned when the divers left the team, or were posted from the vessel. Most likely,Replica Panerai Luminor Submersible Watches the markings on some of the 9401/0 are store numbers. The rough "field engraving", its style, and the placement on the caseback indicate that this marking enabled the officer keep track of watches he issued.